IJOAICT, vol.1, Issue.1
Z. Kwasnik, K. Kruszynska, R. Ochoa-Daderska.
Higher School of Radom - Poland & Research and Innovation in Education Institute - Poland

The article focuses on three essential topics of deliberations. The first one is the characteristics of tourism as a mass mobility not for work or change of residence purposes. The second part is the general analysis of tourism as a social phenomenon as also the analysis of tourist industry in Poland and in the world. In the third part there have been signalled the changes that occur in the development of tourism related to the development of modern information technologies and technological advances in transport. All the discussed in this article topics can be an inspiration for the creation of innovative business ideas connected with new trends in tourism. The best example of interest in this economic area is Project Cultour + - Strategic Partnership of Erasmus+ in the field of Higher Education with the mission of coaching and fostering innovative and creative business ideas in cultural management for pilgrimage and religious ,cultural and thermal tourism. The aim of the Project is to search committed entrepreneurs from 6 European countries to foster and coach their ideas and offer high quality university training and education to transfer to their business plans and professional expertise.
Keywords: Business, challenges, Internet, tourism, trends