IJOAICT, vol.1, Issue.1
G. Mikrut, W. Malicki
The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Faculty of Tourism and Sport Management

The main aim of presented work is a complex analysis of a current state of safety of football supporters during football matches, focusing on the safety management and identification of persons. Primarily, the study was based on analysis of the current legal solutions in Poland and their practical application in one of the First-division football clubs considering the point of view of the match Organizer and football supporters. An organizer is a crucial subject responsible for providing a required safety level of participants of a football match. The principles of football match security management in Poland are defined by the Act on mass events security, FIFA and UEFA guidelines, internal regulations of Polish Football Association and football clubs. Over the last decade, these regulations have been updated several times, but these amendments to the law has not yet been completed. The introduction of innovative and effective solutions should be based on a prior risk analysis, an assessment of sense of security and needs of football match participants, as well as the current experience in the field of security management and the implementation of latest technical and technological measures. These criteria should be taken into consideration in subsequent amendments to the Polish law and further protective implementations in this regard. Keywords: Football supporters, Innovation, safety management, technological measures